Friday, July 1, 2011

For Just Being You

A peck on the cheek. A kiss in the rain.
It doesn't really matter, it all feels the same.
I always get the jitters whenever we talk.
I still get the goosebumps when you hold my hand every time we walk.
Those are just some of the little things you do, 
for just being you.
Then there's this feeling I get when I look into your eyes.
The amazingness I feel when you know I'm not alright.
When you hold me, I feel so safe.
I always forget I have to go, even though I wanna stay.
Those are just some of the little things you do,
for just being you.

- Layla Emily written 6/1/09

I Love

I love the feel of your touch tickling my skin.
I love the look that you give me and the taste of your lips.
I love when you hug me and I take in your smell.
I love that whenever I see you, my heart starts to melt.
I love the sound of your voice, whispering in my ear.
I love the feeling I get whenever you're near.
I love our names put together. It's perfect the way it sounds.
I love every single thing about you, I'd die if you weren't around.

- Layla Emily. Written 4/14/09

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peter Pan

To scared to grow.
Afraid of change.
Not wanting to fail.
I fear the passing days.

Let me just stay.
Keep me safe.
I want to be like Peter Pan.
I don't want to grow up, I want to stay in Neverland.

The future's coming all to fast.
I can't believe my childhood has already come to pass.
All those days riding my bike and playing hide & seek,
seem so sad now that I'm preparing for my life to be.

Let me just stay.
Keep me safe.
I want to be like Peter Pan.
I don't want to age, I want to stay in Neverland.

- Layla Emily

Chronicles of Love

I love your tattoos.
I love your eyes.
I love your body.
I love your mind.
I love your swag.
I love your style.
I can't believe how I feel about you, my hearts in denial.

It was just a simple crush.
Now you're fully mine.
This is the best thing that's happened.
I'm never letting you go.

I love you for you.
You love me for me.
Every girl now wants to be me.
They wish they had you, I feel their envy.

Baby you're amazing and I couldn't imagine life without you.
Forever & always, you'll be my boo.

- Layla Emily

This was inspired by a couple I know. Raymond & Kaitlyn Smith, I love you guys. <3


Baby you're always in my dreams.
Baby you're always on my mind.
Baby you're in my fantasies.
Baby you're who I think of day & night.

I call you baby now.
It's so hard to get used to.
Once just my best friend.
Now my feelings for you grew.

Baby it's all scary.
Baby I'm frightened.
Baby, these feelings are to strong to carry.
Baby help my load lighten.

People say I should just stop.
Well they don't know you like I do.
People say I should not.
But baby, you're the one I don't wanna lose.

Baby you make me smile like a cheshire.
Baby you set my heart on fire.
Baby I love our phone calls.
Baby, for you, I'll break so many laws.
Baby just hold me & say "You're mine."
Baby I'll stay with you for the rest of our lives.

- Layla Emily

For Dustin Lee Sheppard

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lots & Lots

Wearing your shirt.
Making you laugh.
Having those moments.
I'm never sad.

Reading your texts.
Hearing your voice.
Dreaming of you.
You're my first choice.

Sleepovers with you.
Cuddling in your arms.
Seeing you in my future.
It's more beautiful than the stars.

Those 3 words, 8 letters.
That come from your mouth.
Make me smile.
It's my favorite sound.

Those kisses you give me.
From my lips to my neck.
Make me quiver on the inside.
Damn, I'm such a wreck.

Thinking about you.
It never really stops.
If you ask me how much I love you.
Well...Lots & Lots.