Friday, July 1, 2011

For Just Being You

A peck on the cheek. A kiss in the rain.
It doesn't really matter, it all feels the same.
I always get the jitters whenever we talk.
I still get the goosebumps when you hold my hand every time we walk.
Those are just some of the little things you do, 
for just being you.
Then there's this feeling I get when I look into your eyes.
The amazingness I feel when you know I'm not alright.
When you hold me, I feel so safe.
I always forget I have to go, even though I wanna stay.
Those are just some of the little things you do,
for just being you.

- Layla Emily written 6/1/09

I Love

I love the feel of your touch tickling my skin.
I love the look that you give me and the taste of your lips.
I love when you hug me and I take in your smell.
I love that whenever I see you, my heart starts to melt.
I love the sound of your voice, whispering in my ear.
I love the feeling I get whenever you're near.
I love our names put together. It's perfect the way it sounds.
I love every single thing about you, I'd die if you weren't around.

- Layla Emily. Written 4/14/09